Quick Update!


Not a whole lot has been happening on the Ruby July front, as of late. This is mostly due to the day job being a little hectic with sales and overtime. Boo.

But! On the positive side, I have been doing some more research and learning (!) solely for the sake of improving my skill-set. It feels weird to be reading from books that would have probably been assigned in college classes, but I kind of like it. I’ve finished the book I mentioned earlier, and decided to re-read “Thinking with Type” by Ellen Lupton. This book actually was a book assigned to me in college! 🙂

Things are moving a little slower than I initially wanted, but I think it’s best so I don’t get overwhelmed. I found a great resource last week, and have plans of constructing a storage/screen-dryer/vacuum-table/print-puller contraption. It’s a lofty goal, but it should be great on utilizing space, which I have so little of. That, ladies and gents, will be my spring project, and after that, it’s printing galore!

And now, off I go, for drinks and chatter with a good friend I haven’t seen in awhile. Hooray!


Yummy + Knowledge

Ok, so hummus is pretty damn good.

As part of my life-improvement challenge, I’ve also been trying to incorporate healthier foods into my average day. My diet generally consisted of taco dip and Cheez-Its, so any improvement is very much welcome! I’m trying the whole moderation idea, too. Can’t rule out those Cheez-Its entirely (at least not yet!).

Anyway, Sabra’s Sun Dried Tomato Hummus is quite tasty. I recommend it. I have little idea of what to do with it, due to my complete lack of knowledge regarding healthy foods, but it’s working well with plain old crackers. Neat!

In other news, I made some purchases off of my Amazon wishlist, and have received two books in the mail yesterday. Between episodes of Dexter, I read part of Graphic Design for Non-Designers by Tony Sedden and Jane Waterhouse.

I wouldn’t consider myself a non-designer, but I also wouldn’t consider myself a full-on professional designer quite yet. The book has been a pretty good read so far, and has helped me remember a lot of the basics that I learned in school.

It’s nice to have design on my mind again, and since I’m not immersed in it with my regular job, I’m definitely trying to fit time in for it elsewhere.

So far, so good!