About Me…

My name is Jessica.
It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I am a graphic designer currently living in the Twin Cities. I grew up in Wisconsin, and went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where I majored in Communication Arts with a focus on Graphic Design and 2-D Art. I spent many hours in the studio there, which ignited a passion for the arts. I took photography courses, printmaking courses, and design courses, and loved them all.

This blog is primarily about my freelance graphic design venture, Ruby July, and the ups-and-downs that come along with it. I am focused on a variety of graphic design needs, and I have a particular passion for designing stationery and screen printing.

In my free time, I enjoy clicking “Yes” to Netflix’s “Are you still there?” after hours of binging the newest seasons of my favorite shows. I’ve recently picked up a love of calligraphy and hand-lettering, and often practice during my television marathons, or while jamming out to the Hamilton soundtrack.

I also enjoy spending time relaxing with my family in Wisconsin, or hanging out in my apartment with my pets. I spend loads of quality time with my cat, Sprinklemist Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers, forcing her into costumes or rubbing her belly just to the verge of getting my hand bit, but (usually) succeeding in avoiding bloodshed. I also have a pretty cool turtle named Sir Reginald Gryffindor the Fifth, so I clearly have a knack for naming pets. (Unless you loathe the Packers and Harry Potter, in which case, forgive me!)

Join me, and come back often to see what’s happening with Ruby July and my personal journey of self-improvement. It’s bound to be a doozy.


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